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Screen Shot 2016-06-15 at 15.58.05On the 4th of June 2016 to the 5th of June 2016 I ran a Surf kayak development weekend. The aim of the weekend was to introduce new people and develop existing skills in surf kayaking.

With 1 week to go, we reached our maximum number of participants, having 20 people registered to take part.


Saturday morning arrived and we were greeted by glorious sunshine and 2ft waves… Perfect! We arrived early to set up, and as people arrived we split into small personal groups based on our ability, and off the day went.

The surf maintained its size throughout the day, with a slight pulse towards the end of the day making for a bit more fun!

We had a huge range of people there, from girls as young as 7, up to 60 year old men, it really was a great bunch of people!

From the feed back we received, everyone had a fantastic weekend, and we are excited to run another weekend again soon!

I would also like to say a huge thank you to everyone who volunteered their time to come along and help out.. Jack Barker, Lucy Mc Queen Jones, Huw Jones, Jack Davies and Frankie Sibbald.

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“A Coach Who Can Demonstrate…”


Based on the picturesque Gower Peninsula of South Wales, we offer 1-2-1 coaching with 3x world champion Christopher Hobson. With a wide range of surf spots, from soft beach breaks, to heavy barreling reefs, there really is something for everyone.

surf spots
Surf Spots On The Gower

With over 20 years of kayaking experience, and 15 years of competitive surf kayaking under his belt, Chris can help you with all aspects of surf kayaking. From taking off in the right spot, to breaking down your surfing, to tweak and fine tune your manoeuvres, so you can progress to the next level.10452463_10154393746905594_1523468902428185485_n

Chris also offers video analysis, so during your session, you can watch back your surfing, discuss and get a better understanding of your surfing. At the end of each session with video analysis, both Chris and yourself will go through the footage, to ensure you have a better understanding of your surfing. You are also able to take the footage home.



1 Person

£25 per hour – minimum 2 hours

£60 for 3 hours

£80 4 hours

£150 Full Day


2 Persons

£40 per hour – minimum 2 hours

£100 for 3 hours

£140 for 4 hours

£280 Full Day


Video Analysis 

£25 per session. Video footage taken throughout, used during and after session to show feedback and to assist with coaching. Client will receive all footage.


For Group Bookings Please Contact For Quote

British Championships 2015


On a beautiful autumnal morning, we met at 8am at Freshwater west beach to find the surf small, but set to build as the day went on! Beautiful Blue skies, no wind, and and the surf built resulting in 4-6ft waves for the Finals of the competition!

After a great days competition, the heats were done, and we had a short wait to see who would be crowned British Champion!

I was lucky enough to Win both HP and IC Categories, in my Ride Equinox and Mutant!

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Open HP (HP Surf Kayak)

Position Name
1 HOBSON, Christopher
5 BARKER, Jack
7 MADDOCK, Robert
7 BARRY, Michael
10 DAVIES, jack
10 WALSH, Darragh
10 WATSON, chris
13 THORNE, Pablo
13 BRAMBLE, Paul
15 KIRBY, Martyn

Open IC (IC Surf Kayak)

Position Name
1 HOBSON, Christopher
5 BARKER, Jack
5 BARRY, Michael
7 LAMONT, Mathew
7 ADCOCK, Gary
9 WALSH, Darragh
10 WATSON, chris
11 MADDOCK, Robert

Tynemouth Championships


The thought of driving over 800 miles, with the chance of there being no surf does’t sound very appealing… But even though, I thought it would be a good idea! and it was…

I arrived in Tynemouth late Thursday night to hear the surf rolling in… So I set my self up for the night, in the hope of an early surf.

The next morning I woke up somewhere along Druridge Bay to find Dan and Tamsin parked up next to me, ready for a Dawny. It was a pleasant surprise, but the wasn’t as cold as I had remembered the North East to be.

I headed over Tynemouth shortly after for a coffee and some breakfast, where I happen’d across a place called ‘The Black Middens’, or ‘The Mittens’, as I thought it was called! Here I found a beautiful reef, with perfect peeling lefts, and the only people near the line up were container ships and dog walkers… PERFECT!

That evening saw a social, and a few beers at Cullercoats Cycle shop, as we all chatted about the days competition ahead.

Saturday morning saw us having 3ft onshore surf, and to be honest,it didn’t get a lot better. BUT, the organisation, effort, and warm welcome I received made the conditions seem insignificant, and saw everyone thoroughly enjoy them selves throughout the day!

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who put the effort in to make such a fantastic day, and CONGRATULATIONS to Dan Green, Winner of the first Tynemouth Surf Kayak Championships!!

See you all next year!

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Denmark – Symposium 2015

I had  great time at the Danish Sea Symposium, where I ran kayak surfing workshops and helped with the organising and running of the Danish national Championships of Surf Kayaking.

I arrived on the Friday, to pumping surf and warm weather… Definitely a surprise! So we surfed as long as we could, before getting the finished touches to the boat house where we would be meeting everyone attending the Symposium.

There were over 70 people in attendance, which made for busy workshops on Saturday. 12 in the morning, and 20 in the afternoon, there were small waves, and everyone was smiling! It really is great to meet so many passionate people!

Saturday night saw a presentation from Jacob Monsted about the world championships in Spain, followed by tradition Danish food!

Sunday saw us set up for the Danish National Championships, and everyone wanted to win! With a huge day of competition, we started early, and saw a high standard of surfing! It is great to see how much these guys have progressed from April!

Congratulations to Mark Østergaard on his deserved 1st place!!


See you guys again soon!

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Denmark – Advanced Surf Manoeuvres

In April, thanks to HP Kajak og Fritid, I was lucky enough to be asked to come over and work with the top Danish surf kayakers. After some discussion, and finding out their needs, we decided to run a course in advanced surf manoeuvres.
I flew over on the Wednesday, giving myself a couple of days to take in the Danish culture, and do some sight seeing… Also got a few surfs in too!
I had recently been thinking of doing a surf trip to the Arctic, but after surfing the North sea in Denmark, I think I will stick to warm water!
Friday, we kicked off, getting some waves in, taking lots of video, and getting to know everyone. These guys are proper hard core, spending nearly 8 hours surfing in the north sea!! We retired back to the beach house, for an evening of food, wine, and video analysis!                                                                                                                                                                                     Saturday morning started early, with a slide show and talk on advanced manoeuvres, followed by scouting the beaches.. Then we were off! Surf was nice and clean, offering some power, and it was great to see all the guys progressing as the day went on!                                                                                                                                                                                                              I had such a brilliant weekend, and it was fantastic to work with, meet, and catch up with such a great bunch of guys! I really look forward to seeing them again in the Spring!                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Big thank you to Jesper Tilsted and his family for their hospitality, and to HP Kajak og Fritid for organising such a great weekend!                                                                                                                                                                                                Jesper Tilsted…
“After a long and really useful and efficient day on the waves we see great progression in people’s surfing and Christopher Hobsons useful feedback really helps us, and now we are back in the summerhouse uploading videos for later analysis and downloading energy for a new and exiting day on the water”
Tue Olesen…
 “This weekend I was on surfkajak course organised by HP Kayak and leisure. Chris Hobson shared out of top tips and coaching for better, faster and Wilder kayak surf. A super inspiring and motivational weekend in good company!”
HP Kajak og Fritid…
“Advanced surf moves with Christopher Hobson is at its end. The weekend was a great experience with great progression for everyone and a great thanks to Hobson for taking the trip to the cold hawaii and share his knowledge. Hp kajak og fritidwould like to thanks the boys for joining the course and hopefully we would repeat the success next spring’11188376_912643865461589_5554691315266182480_n

In The Press….


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Cornish Open 2015

Words by Jack Barker…

“On Saturday 16th May the Cornish Open was held at Godrevy Beach, St. Ives, Cornwall.

We were greeted by small messy waves at mid-low tide, as the first heats went on the tide dropped onto a lovely bank, creating 3-4ft peaky sets. And a lot of fun was to be had.In the first Short Boat Round, Ride Surf Team members; Chris Hobson, James Hawker and I won all our heats to advance to the semis. Then the waveski’s had their heats, a brilliant sight to see, especially as it was the biggest turn out of skis we had seen all year.

Long Boat Round One was pretty tough for all, but good conditions were upheld by the tide. Chris and I managed to get a heat together, getting 1st and 2nd respectively. Straight through to semis. New to the Equinox was a great friend and fantastic paddler Jack Davies. A good contender for the Junior World Champs, especially how he was paddling in the heats; beating 2 other Mens England Team Paddlers!As the tide pushed on and up into Godrevy rivermouth, the swell died to begin with, giving some very scrappy semi finals. I managed to get through my Short Boat Semi Final, same for Chris and James. In the Longboat I unfortunately got knocked out, after a pretty meagre heat. Whilst Chris went straight through to the Finals. Unfortunately, although he gave it his all, Jack Davies didn’t make the cut.Finals time!

Great 3-4ft+ sets started to appear as we all prepared for the finals, paddling out into it we could see a highly contestable couple of heats ahead. In the Short boat I had a fairly shaky start but got a few decent rides. The drive the Zenith can produce is astounding! Hitting lips that I could never manage before. I didn’t see a lot of Chris but he must have had a great heat… as he won it. The same goes to James.


1st Chris Hobson – Ride Eclipse

2nd James Hawker – Ride Zenith

3rd Jack Barker – Ride Zenith

4th Philip Watson – Mega Edge

The Long boat final was again a great sight to see. Some of the best paddlers England has to offer were battling it out in great waves. Chris proved that nothing can match his skill and power in the class, coming 1st. 2nd was a very surprised (had no reason to be) Gary Adcock, who has forever been one of the top paddlers around – and he proved his worth in the Equinox.

Results1st Chris Hobson – Ride Equinox

2nd Gary Adcock – Ride Equinox

3rd Philip Watson – Mega Bullit

4th Aidan Brackenbury – Mega TridentCongratulations to all Ride Surf Kayak Paddlers, as a brilliant day was had. And congrats to all the good friends of mine who got into the finals.See you all at the Worlds!!

Jack Barker “

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British Championships 2014



The British championships this year got off to a slow start, with an ever changing forecast, we made the call to run. Unfortunately, the forecast did not go in our favour, but we did manage to get most of the competition run! With 2-3ft surf, the ladies, juniors, masters and waveski categories all got finished up after a long days competition, on a beautiful sunny day at Freshwater west beach.

This left us needing to find a suitable date to re-run the Open categories. Again the forecast didn’t look favourable, with strong winds forecast, we decided to postpone again to 29th and 30th of November.

On a brisk winters morning, we met at 8am at Freshwater west beach to find the surf absolutely pumping! Blue skies, no wind, and 4-6ft waves throughout the day made for a tough and exciting days competition!

After a great days competition, the heats were done, and we had a short wait to see who would be crowned British Champion!

Congratulations to:

Christopher Hobson – Open Class Champion – RIDE ECLIPSE

Paul Robertson – International Class Champion – RIDE EQUINOX

Aisling Griffin – Ladies Open Class Champion – RIDE ECLIPSE

Emma Fishleigh – Ladies International Class Champion

Jack Davies – Junior Open Class Champion

Mathew Lamont – Junior International Class Champion

Marc Woolward – Masters Open Class Champion

Gary Adcock – Masters International Class Champion – RIDE EQUINOX

Sean Holmes – Waveski Champion

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HOBSON, Christopher (1512.9399)


BRACKENBURY, Glyn (1342.5062)


DESTROYER , The [Aiden] (1226.0992)


GREEN, Dan (1127.8480)


THOMAS, Tim (1037.1982)


BARKER, Jack (1039.8103)


LONG, Edward (953.1380)




WATSON, Philip (864.3441)


ROBERTSON, Paul (866.6604)


IGGLEDEN, Tom (761.6392)




MADDOCK, Robert (633.5232)


GREEN, Tamsin (1411.8896)


Open IC (IC Surf Kayak)




ROBERTSON, Paul (1479.1467)


DESTROYER , The [Aiden] (1300.2954)


THOMAS, Tim (1175.8859)


HOBSON, Christopher (1068.6276)


WATSON, Philip (966.7255)


LONG, Edward (862.8218)


BARKER, Jack (864.6159)




BRACKENBURY, Glyn (733.7618)


MADDOCK, Robert (548.1194)




English league 2014


Words from Ride Surf Kayaks..


What a fantastic year Team Ride has had, and it doesn’t seem set to stop into 2015…

Team Rider Christopher Hobson does it again… On top of his already impressive haul of trophies this year, including the Irish, British and European titles, he has topped the rankings in the English League of Kayak Surfing in both High Performance, and International Class!!

When we add this to an already hugely successful year for Team Ride, with 2 world titles, 9 top ten world rankings, European Title, and countless podium finishes in events all over Europe for the team, it proves that Ride really is The Choice of Champions!

It looks like we are going to need a bigger trophy cabinet for 2015!!

We like to think these results are a reflection of our world class design boats and world class construction, and truly world class ambassadors! And as we lead the way in kayak surfing into 2015, we hope you join us on our journey, and come ride with us…

Ride on…


Below, Full English League Rankings…