We manufacture a wide range of products, from automotive parts to leisure kayaks. Contact us today for more information on manufacturing your designs.


Finishing fibreglass, like glass…. Looking for that glossy smooth finish on fibreglass or other custom pieces? Then we can help, using different graded sand papers, putties and pastes, we have the tools to make almost anything like new again.


We repair almost anything made from composites. Bath tubs, pipes, kayaks, surfboards, car parts to name a few… Something broken? Contact us to discuss your options.

Mould making

We can make a mould from just about anything. So if you have a design, or if you have a part you need replicated, contact us today.

One off bits

Broken something? Cant get another part? Bring it to us, and we will make you a new one! We’ve done seats, to parking sensor holders…

24HR Mobile repairs

Cant bring it to us, let us come to you. We’ve been called to fix a range of things, such as farm machinery, bath tubs,  boats, flat roofs, and air conditioning ducts.

Fix Ups

If its old, broken, tatty, or just needs a little TLC, send it to us and we will fix it right up!