Tynemouth Championships


The thought of driving over 800 miles, with the chance of there being no surf does’t sound very appealing… But even though, I thought it would be a good idea! and it was…

I arrived in Tynemouth late Thursday night to hear the surf rolling in… So I set my self up for the night, in the hope of an early surf.

The next morning I woke up somewhere along Druridge Bay to find Dan and Tamsin parked up next to me, ready for a Dawny. It was a pleasant surprise, but the wasn’t as cold as I had remembered the North East to be.

I headed over Tynemouth shortly after for a coffee and some breakfast, where I happen’d across a place called ‘The Black Middens’, or ‘The Mittens’, as I thought it was called! Here I found a beautiful reef, with perfect peeling lefts, and the only people near the line up were container ships and dog walkers… PERFECT!

That evening saw a social, and a few beers at Cullercoats Cycle shop, as we all chatted about the days competition ahead.

Saturday morning saw us having 3ft onshore surf, and to be honest,it didn’t get a lot better. BUT, the organisation, effort, and warm welcome I received made the conditions seem insignificant, and saw everyone thoroughly enjoy them selves throughout the day!

So a HUGE thank you to everyone who put the effort in to make such a fantastic day, and CONGRATULATIONS to Dan Green, Winner of the first Tynemouth Surf Kayak Championships!!

See you all next year!

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