SO, a while back, myself and Austen were planning a trip. Firstly we thought, lets go to Thurso!! So we watched the forecast for weeks, and we decided on a date. BUT, as unpredictable as the ocean is, the forecast just wasn’t good enough. So, I got online, started looking around Europe, and it just seemed that no matter where we looked it was small or flat! Until finally I though, what about going home! With a quick look at the forecast, the excitement built. It looked great, between 3 and 6 ft for the duration of the trip.

So I made a few phone calls, and after sorting things out, I called Austen to give him the news. It was a go!! So with 8 hours to spare, I booked the ferry, and we started our road trip.


We arrived on my birthday, and after quickly catching up with some of my family, we got back on the road to the coast. We headed out to the west coast of Ireland, where we were greated by 4ft, slightly choppy conditions. I had such a fun surf, and just knew that it was going to be a magic few days.


Over the next few days the swell dropped, and then built, climaxing in an amazing evening session, where I got a a few big barrels, one of which was described as big enough to get a van into! Unfortunately one of them hit me so hard, my spray deck blew, and I was left paddling a boat full of water to the shore!  Dessie, who was also out that evening pulled into a big barrel, made it to the second section, and then vanished! His paddles were ripped from his hands and ended up swimming. The power of the ocean is just amazing!


The Sunday morning session, just before we left to go home was also beautiful, the size of the swell stayed, but we had glorious blew skies, and sunshine!!


Here are some pictures from my trip, Enjoy!