Xtreme Pantin, Galacia

Sun and surf! 🙂


Xtreme Pantin Kayak surfing + Wave ski Competition, in Galicia, Spain.

What can I say, the weekend was great from start to finish. From the organisation, to the hospitality, it was second to none. They even arranged for sunshine and great surf!!

I just got back home in Bude, and to say the least, I want to go back already. Thank you Ivan Pena, for organising such a fantastic weekend and event! It was a one of the best. And one that will definitely be in my calendar again!

Thanks to Marc Woolward also, for good company, and amusing me to no end. Shame about your boat though….. ( Pictures )

And my biggest thanks is to VUELING AIRLINES!! For their magnificent service, and managing to leave behind a whole, tightly packed airplanes worth of luggage! You morons!!!



1º Edu Etxeberria

2º Chris Hobson (Mega Phantom)

3º Miguel Carbalho

4ª Garazi Iturralde

5º Xabi Olano

6º Stefano Bellotti (Mega+Exo Plastic Kayak)

7º Joaquín Rivas

8º Julen Arrizabalaga


1º Chris Hobson (Mega Bullitt)

2º Edu Etxeberria

3º Xabi Olano

4º Stefano Bellotti (Mega Trident)

5ª Ahinoa Tolosa

6º Rui Calado

7º Paulo Simoes (Mega Bullitt)

8º Alejo Pacheco (Mega Cyclone)

Xpression Session / Xtreme Pantin

Bruno Melo (Mega Phantom)

Here are some pictures from the weekend, Enjoy!

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