A Good Day!

Mega International Group are pleased to announce that Chris has now joined the company in partnership, with malcolm Pearcey. 

Chris will now be involved in all the day to day management functions of the business, as well as getting his hands sticky in the laminating room. 

This is seen as a logical move for both Malcolm and Chris so that Mega can continue to grow and diversify, whilst maintaining the bench marks for the surf kayaking world.

Malcolm says, ” hopefully this will allow me to have the odd day off, something the family are itching for me to do, and maybe spend a little less time in front of the computer on facebook. This seems like a sensible move, given my recent helicopter experiences to Barnstaple hospital over the last couple of years . This will also give Chris a firm base for the future in Bude, although i’m sure he will still be making regular trips home to see his family”

Chris Said, “I am really happy, I aim to help Mega continue to grow, and for me to secure my long term future in kayaks. This has been a dream for a long time, and am very thankful to Malcolm for giving me this opportunity”

Mega Surf Kayaks