World Cup Ranking 2014


Over the course of 2014, there have been four events run across the world to make up the World Cup!

They were;

  1. Santa Cruz California,
  2. Mundaka in the Basque Region,
  3. The Cornish Open in England,
  4. The Ocean Spirit European Championships in Portugal.

In these four events, the worlds top kayak surfers competed in fierce competition to gain points, in a bid to be crowned World Cup Champion!

It was a double second place for me this year, taking 2nd in the Open division, and 2nd in the international class too!!

Big thanks to all my sponsors, who helped me get these fantastic results!

Open Division

Tim Thomas –  1st place – World Cup Champion

Christopher Hobson – 2nd place

Odei Etxeberria (Junior) -6th place

Paul ‘Cheesy’ Robertson 8th place

Full World Cup Ranking Here


Open International Class

Christopher Hobson – 2nd place

Tim Thomas – 3rd place

Jack Barker – 4th place

Full World Cup Ranking Here

Junior Open Division

Full World Cup Ranking Here

Junior Open International Class

Full World Cup Ranking Here



Irish Open 2014

So Tim, Cheesy and Chris headed off the the Irish open held in Easkey this year! Sadly the surf didn’t turn up quite like it has done in the past, but there was still a small wave to be had, and the boys tore it up! Tim won the Open HP, with Chris coming second, and Chris won the Open IC for the 3rd year in a row, with Tim coming 2nd! Another Ride 1,2!!

So, with it Tims birthday, we found ourselves asking the question… “How do you celebrate the boss’ birthday Ride style?” Well, you enjoy a great comp and the Irish Open. Get first and second in the IC for starters and then have the top three spots in the HP with a birthday win for the main man. #ItGotMessy

A big thanks to Paddlesurf Ireland, and especially Mike Barry and Aisling Griffin for organising and running the event, it was great, and we look forward to seeing you all again next year!

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European Championships 2014


“Woo hoo! I’ve done it! Winner of the Mega Surf Kayaks European championships in my RideSurf Kayaks ECLIPSE!!! Such a great feeling to win the event 2 years in a row, as well as the best wave trophy 2 years in a row too!!

I also won 2nd place in the world waveski cup on my M Waveskis Waveskis custom board for the second year in a row! Fantastic week at the ocean spirit!!”

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Testing the new Zenith

What a great day today, two surfs in the new Ride RideSurf Kayaks Zenith. So here a few words on what I thought…

To be quite honest, I was a bit worried about getting into this kayak. It has been almost a year to the day that I last surfed a ‘Short’ High Performance surf kayak, as I have been surfing the Eclipse for quite a while now. So I was quite anxious that I would have ‘forgotten’ how to surf it.

I got to the waters edge, jumped into the boat, and immediately felt comfortable. After a bit of a squeeze through the smaller cockpit, the boat felt great. Lots of room inside, and loads of foot room, which was really surprising, as it looks incredibly low volume on the front.

I feel I am at the higher end of the weight range on this kayak at 96kg, although weight range is quite often determined by paddler ability as much as volume, but this really didn’t seem to hinder the performance.

The paddle out – well, it was pretty easy. The Zenith just skipped over the white water, and carrying lots of flat water speed, perfect for a long paddle out.

Stability – It felt very stable, it almost felt like it had a secondary stability to it… So, if sitting in the flat water, and you loose your balance a bit, its like it catches its balance again just by sitting there. Quite relaxing really.

Comfort – Surprisingly, the boat is super comfortable. With its low profile front, it looks like there is little foot room. But with size 9.5 feet, and 33″ inside leg, I was in it for 4 hours today, and not a single ache!

Catching a wave – This took a bit of getting used to. Coming from an Eclipse (2.7m long), where you can catch almost anything you want, it was different. But, I was still able to catch ‘fatter waves’ if i wanted to, or go super late on the take off, and its forgiving rails lets you drop and go!

Speed – Well, this boat has an abundance of it! When you drop into a wave, make that first turn, you feel a rush of acceleration, and it shoots down the line. Even on a mushy, fatter wave, it still has speed in abundance.

Turning – This really blew me away. This kayak, turns more like a ski than any other kayak I have ever paddled. The unique design of the Zenith, with its widest point much further forward, concave on the hull, and pin tail; allows you to really crank it round quite effortlessly, and make those last minute ‘lip hits’, and pop a few airs.

What else to say? Well, I was thoroughly impressed by the zenith today, it was a breath of fresh air to paddle something New, Original rather than a ‘tweak’, and Exciting!!! So get your Ass in a demo, and see what all the hype is about!

Check out this video from testing the kayak –

Cornish Open 2014

Beautiful down at Godrevy for the Cornish open! team ride strikes again with 3 boats in each final, and and winning both open categories! Congratulations to Tim Thomas for winning the open hp, with Christopher Hobson in third, and Paddler Palm for coming forth!

In the open ic Christopher Hobson came first, Tim Thomas in second and Jack Barker in third.

Great effort from everyone, and looking forward to he next event!

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Mundaka 2014

Extra baggage allowance?

Team RideSurf Kayaks are heading home from Spain with some heavyweight glassware. 1st and 2nd for the Eclipse piloted by Tim and Christopher and pretty much a reverse in the International for the the Equinox.

Sadly No Mundaka action, but two days of fun waves at Bakio and as always the Basque Country team surfing was flying and fast.

A big thank you to all the basque team, especially Txema for a top class event and hospitality.

See you again next year!




SO, a while back, myself and Austen were planning a trip. Firstly we thought, lets go to Thurso!! So we watched the forecast for weeks, and we decided on a date. BUT, as unpredictable as the ocean is, the forecast just wasn’t good enough. So, I got online, started looking around Europe, and it just seemed that no matter where we looked it was small or flat! Until finally I though, what about going home! With a quick look at the forecast, the excitement built. It looked great, between 3 and 6 ft for the duration of the trip.

So I made a few phone calls, and after sorting things out, I called Austen to give him the news. It was a go!! So with 8 hours to spare, I booked the ferry, and we started our road trip.


We arrived on my birthday, and after quickly catching up with some of my family, we got back on the road to the coast. We headed out to the west coast of Ireland, where we were greated by 4ft, slightly choppy conditions. I had such a fun surf, and just knew that it was going to be a magic few days.


Over the next few days the swell dropped, and then built, climaxing in an amazing evening session, where I got a a few big barrels, one of which was described as big enough to get a van into! Unfortunately one of them hit me so hard, my spray deck blew, and I was left paddling a boat full of water to the shore!  Dessie, who was also out that evening pulled into a big barrel, made it to the second section, and then vanished! His paddles were ripped from his hands and ended up swimming. The power of the ocean is just amazing!


The Sunday morning session, just before we left to go home was also beautiful, the size of the swell stayed, but we had glorious blew skies, and sunshine!!


Here are some pictures from my trip, Enjoy!





Three Peaks

After moving to Wales in february, its been great to surf new places, with people I wouldn’t of normally got to surf with. Here are a few pictures from a small day in the surf with Richard Berry and Gareth Splendiff!


Cheers Guys!